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Are you putting off your goals due to the cost?

You really don’t need to!


At Physicians Skin and Weight Centers, our goal is to make Plastic and Cosmetic procedures affordable for anyone who desires them.


Our prices are generally less than our competitors, for exactly the same procedures. It is common that our patients have had other quotes that are more expensive for the same procedure.


Why are our prices lower?

This is because we are a specialty facility and we have developed routines and protocols that allow us to manage our overhead costs thus making the procedures more affordable for our customers.


Did you know that you can finance 100% of your cosmetic procedure?

We have created relationships with several financial institutions that will pay for all or part of your procedure.


We provide:


  • 0% Financing 


  • Instant Approvals 


  • Approvals on less than perfect credit 

How Does It Work?

With our affordable payment plans, an easy application process and a quick decision, you can schedule your treatment or procedure today and pay for it over time.


Our experts will connect you to our nationwide lending network of banks, credit unions and specialty lenders in order to find you a financing program that suits your needs.



Say “No” to financing programs with pre-payment penalties, and retroactive interest.

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